Hannover, formerly SMS Hannover of the German High Seas Fleet, is one of Johnny Cuba's 'buisness friends', a destroyer and a nasty piece of work all round. After the draw at the Battle of Jutland (see World War One), Hannover abandoned the Germans and fled towards the then neutral United States, pursued by a British destroyer, HMS Devonshire. After firing apon and sinking the Devonshire, Hannover slipped into an inlet off Panama to be sheltered by a few 'Black Market' friends.

Five years later, Hannover raided the Panama canal, stealing valuable goods from an unarmed merchant convoy. In response, he British and American navies declared Hannover to be thier 'Public Enemy Number One'. A large convoy of ships were sent to bring Hannover into custody.

Fearing arrest, Hannover left Panama, taking the longer route south of Argentina, before arriving in a rocky, uninhabited bay about one hundred miles south of Bigg City Port, where he set up his new buisness of piracy. He now runs an extensive organization.

He has hired two tugs, Argus and Wess, to carry his stolen goods into Bigg City for selling.

Hannover has a heavily aristocratic attitude, and a thick accent. He believes in a caste system of ships, that places warships at the top and tugboats at the very bottom.