Mr. Fletcher Jennings is the owner of Bigg City's largest railway company, Messrs. Jennings and Woodham Industrial Rail Transport Company Limited, shortened to the Industrial Rail Company,which was renamed into Dock Railway(BCDR) after his arrest in 1917,and is currently owned by Jonathan Gral Dock Jr. Jennings is a corrupt and unfriendly individual, who overworks his engines and regualrly makes deals with Bigg City's criminals. He speaks in a South London accent, and is only seen as a megaphone at the Industrial Rail Headquarters.

He was arrested when Big Mac and Nikolai discovered him being given goods by Johnny Cuba on a 'no questions asked' guarantee in 1917. The Coast Guard immediatly incarsarted him, but he was broken out of jail by Hannover's minions and taken to see The German Battleship himself. It is unknown what Hannover plans for this disgraced buisness magnate, but Nikolai asserts that it cannot be good.