Bowler is a Railway TUG from The UK used by the London & North Eastern Railway during World War 2 he transported Railway rolling stock during the war across port.When the War was over he was sold from owner to owner until Captain Star decided he needed another Railway TUG to help Top Hat so he bought Bowler him and Top Hat became great friends and one day Puffa was shunting his frieght cars on to Frank & Eddie Top Hat will tow Frank and Bowler will tow eddie on the way to the other side of Bigg City port they saw a wooden bridge that carried the Railway the bridge was very old and was in need of repair then Puffa passed over the Bridge with a passenger train after puffa passed over the bridge the bridge collapsed then they heard a whistle its was the goods train then bowler had an idea he has a loud hooter which h can use to warn the train so he blew his loud hooter then the goods train stoped so bowler saved the day and he became member of the Star Fleet as there number 8.